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Agency iCeleraite

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The fact that you’re here means that you know & like Agency iCeleraite.

Now even though we are very good at what we do… our reach is still 1% of the TOTAL businesses out there that could benefit from using Agency iCeleraite.

Now – if you’re in a position to reach these businesses… we want to give YOU the ability to sell Agency iCeleraite & keep 100% of profits.

And the BEST part… you don’t have to sell it for this special low one-time price we offered you today.

You can set your price. You can even decide to sell it for a one-time fee or a monthly recurring subscription.

As a RESELLER – We give you MAXIMUM control & flexibility to sell Agency iCeleraite on your own terms & conditions.

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Sell Agency iCeleraite... Keep all the money


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Agency iCeleraite Reseller | You Keep ALL The Profits

You can Now Make Incredible Profit
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Use Agency iCeleraite to start your agency business & make profits

Sell Agency iCeleraite to your customers & keep 100% of the profits

UNLOCK Your Own Reseller Panel Right
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picture showing Agency iCeleraite reseller Dashboard

Sell Agency iCeleraite at different prices and
different subscription models.

Provide discounts near special days like ‘Black
Friday Sale’, Christmas etc.

Run different promos to make the most
profits possible with Agency iCeleraite
Reseller License.

And you don’t need to create a separate
spreadsheet or manually note down in your
diary the details of every customer.

Simply login to your Agency iCeleraite account
and access the…

Agency Reseller Client Panel




Sell Agency iCeleraite as a monthly recurring subscription or at a one-time price*

(Our research shows that $197/m or $997 one-time is a highly competitive price in the software market)

Agency iCeleraite will make you money
even before you completely UNBOX it…

Sell On JVZOO, WarriorPlus, Clickbank & Even Directly On Social Media

Before you start using Agency iCeleraite for your own use to start an agency…

… I would strongly recommend you
create an account on affiliate networks
like JVZOO, WarriorPlus, Clickbank
and run a few ads on social media platforms.

You’ll be surprised by the HIGH demand
in requests for affiliate links within hours.

Agency iCeleraite will make you money while you sleep or chill with your family and friends.

NOW that’s called running a REAL business.

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Let’s say you manage to sell 10 copies of Agency iCeleraite

(with all the sales material being handed to you on a platter – trust me that’s going to happen in a matter of minutes)

So, 10 copies for as low as $97 per month would make you $970 per month (i.e. $11,640/Year)

… or 10 copies at a one-time price of $997 will make you an easy $9,970. Now, this is the least amount of money you’re sure to make.

But our market research shows a
different story…

You see…Agency iCeleraite is unique and a complete system that helps people
start, run & grow a profitable agency within minutes

Selling 100 copies of Agency iCeleraite in today’s scenario is going to be really easy.

So now… 100 copies @97 per
month = $116,400 (per year) 100
copies @997 one-time = $99,700.

But these numbers quickly
scale up and go UNLIMITED
when you choose the
hottest-selling UNLIMITED

Don't Know How To Sell?

Don’t worry,
we’ll show you how
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in this step-by-step
training my partner
and I have created
based on our

Think of it like our
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program but free for
you today


We've Already Done The Hard
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Marketing & Sales Pages - INCLUDED

Our sales pages are written by a seasoned
copywriter and designed by the finest (and
some very expensive) designers.

Email Swipes - INCLUDED

Our team of expert marketers and
copywriters have prepared Presell emails,
Emails to pitch and close clients, and
follow-up emails…

Just edit-copy-paste and watch your
conversions skyrocket with these
battle-tested proven-to-convert sets of

Sales Video & Walkthrough Videos - INCLUDED

These are no ordinary videos. These are
created by a team of professional video

Your customers would be hooked in the
first minute or two. And before you know
it… they’d have jumped in.

Customer Support - INCLUDED

There’s a team in place to provide high-quality professional after-sales service
to YOUR customers.

When You Upgrade To Reseller Today,
You Get
These Special Bonuses:



Along with the commercial license and agency website, we also want to help you with contacting businesses with these PROVEN email swipes.

These swipes are designed to grab the business owner’s attention and force them to respond to
your emails instantly.

You’ll receive various email swipes in almost every niche that you can imagine. Contacting and selling FB Ads services to businesses has never been this easy before.


Clickable Images Bot

This is a social media marketing application to post clickable images with your link, title & description on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn with a built-in click tracker. It’s a traffic generator application that allows you to drive traffic to your website from 5 popular social media networks. As you know Facebook has stopped posting links with custom images, titles as well as other social media, but this comes with the solution to post custom images with your links.

It’s a multi-user SaaS application which means you can resell the Software as a Service. PayPal & Stripe are integrated so that you can receive payment from your end users.

Features Built Into Clickable Images
Bot & Tracker


High-Level Fiverr Seller Domination Training:

This is really special training that will show you how to create & scale a brand new Fiverr profile to $2,000 or more within the first month.

Plus, how to get the buyer contact details from there so you can pitch them your interactive video services


Access to Premium Software That Finds Good Domain Names that Have a Higher Chance of Selling Your Interactive Video Service: this particular bonus is incredible!

I literally went through thick and thin to secure backdoor access for you and 49 other fast-action movers who will get Megasuite through our link.

What I am giving you is premium software that lets you MINE good domain names that give you a better CHANCE of selling your Freelance website.

With this software, You can find a premium domain name that sells for as low as $9 but with a value 20 times more than you bought it, and therefore this is why this bonus is such a big deal.

This software gives you:

Here's A Quick Recap


VIP Launch Special Bonuses:

Agency iCeleraite - Reseller Starter


VIP Launch Special Bonuses:

Agency iCeleraite - Reseller Premium


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Q. Can I start selling Agency iCeleraite today? A. No. Our special launch ends on (9th June). You can start selling Agency iCeleraite thereafter.

Q. Can I sell Agency iCeleraite at whatever price I choose?
A. Yes. But not below (insert your lowest FE price).

Q. Can I sell Agency iCeleraite along with all the upgrades?
A. No. You can only sell Agency iCeleraite main Offer but not the upsells.

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Your information and privacy is totally secure and will NEVER be shared. Facebook is in NO WAY associated with this website or anything here.